Charlie Sheen shirtless at show

charlie sheen topless shirtless naked fuckingCharlie Sheen’s show has had very mixed reviews but it gets the thumbs up from us as Charlie takes off his top as shown in these pictures. Charlie is best known as an actor from the US TV show two and a half men. He also holds the impressive achievement of being the highest paid actor on TV. At one point he was earning $2 million per episode of Two and a Half Men. What an achievement! We truely think that Charlie has improved with age and is very sexy for an older guy.

His first show in New York was branded a disaster. It finished early and Charlie was booed for a large amount of it. However, shows since have been much more successful with Charlie receiving standing ovations from the audience. However, the cost of ticket prices for Charlie’s show have plumitted from around $160 to just $18 in Connecticut. So if you want to see Charlie in the flesh now might be a good time to go!

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