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Check out multiple sexy naked vids and leaked pictures taken of the fit sportsman Hal Sparks. Hal Harry Magee Sparks III is currently from the USA actor, comedian, heavy metal musician, and also one-time game show host, who is known for for his additions to VH1 and also the role of Michael Novotny on the American television series Queer as Folk. Hal posesses an incredibly hung penis featured in a selection of leaked photos!! Sparks is currently a regular on VH1’s series I Love the ’70s, I Love the ’80s, I Love the ’80s Strikes Back, I Love the ’80s 3-D, I Love the ’90s, I Love the ’90s: Part Deux, I Love the Holidays, I Love Toys, I Love the ’70s: Volume II, I Love VH1 Talking Head Clip Show Reviews, and also I Love the New Millennium and also the new VH1’s Undateable, in addition to being a contestant on the reality series Celebracadabra. Some of the leaked vids shows Hal getting naked showing his massive penis!!!! Sparks was the captain of the Chicago Hitmen team on GSN’s Extreme Dodgeball. Wait till you see the gallery containing the naked vids.

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