Russell Brand poses naked

russell brand naked nude cock penisRussell Brand is one hot British excentric stud! Loads of photos have emerged recently of Russell taking off his kit. From him wondering about naked on a hotel balcony, to him posing shirtless for Rolling Stones magazine. We do love Russell Brand for his unusual but sexy looks.

Russell has recently starred in the film Athur. Brand has starred in quite a few films previously such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall and St Trinions. However, he has never had the leading roll before so this must be quite interesting for him in his latest film Authur. Unfortunately for us Russell does not get naked in his latest film but there are plenty of shirtless scenes. So we are certainly looking forward to that! The film has been met with harsh reviews from a lot of cricis but on checking today we noticed Authur is currently the 3rd top film at the US box office – so critics can’t always be right!

We hope Russell’s latest film is a success and certainly want to see more photos of him exposing that sexy body!!


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